I would like you to read the following emails regarding the Ghana Maternity Ward Project.
I had not heard from your committee so I wanted to let you know what the session of Turn of River Presbyterian Church has decided to do. We want to invite representatives from your team to attend our annual church picnic on Sunday June 25th immediately after the worship service. You will be our guests and between the meal and dessert we would like to hear your presentation on the Ghana Maternity Ward project. (10 to 15 minutes)
Session authorized a free will offering to be taken for the project during the picnic. Adding to those proceeds the session wants to contribute up to $3,500 to sponsor an interested person on your Summer 2018 mission trip to Ghana. We want to support a young adult who feels called to go but is restrained by the cost of the mission trip. Worship is at 10:30 and the picnic starts around 11:30. If you can arrive in time for the worship service, I would offer time in the service to present the project, leaving follow up and questions for the picnic presentation time. I have spoken to the congregation in worship about what I have learned at Presbytery at your church. Our session is eager to hear from you if the date and times are acceptable. Please let us know how you plan to proceed. Blessings on your ministry.

Rev. James K. Mahan
Pastor of the Turn of River Presbyterian Church

Dear Pastor Mahan,
Thanks for the wonderful and generous news! I apologize for not responding sooner after we talked at
PSNE. Our focus was the Mother's Day worship service where we were joined by 25 members of the EPC
in Bronx, which was an amazing experience. Attached is the news release we sent out as a follow up. It is
being revised to secure better pictures. I will be forwarding your inspiring email to the GMW Partnership
committee. I am certain we will have several who want to volunteer. I will be out of the country that
weekend, but will be sending the individuals who will be attending worship and the picnic. Blessings
and grateful thanksgiving,

Welcome to T.O.R.C.H. the Turn of River Church Homesite.

I arrived in February of 2008 to become the pastor of this church family. I bring 26 years of ministry experience to the mission of sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the greater Stamford community.Please know that you are our special guest for there are no strangers here, just members and friends of our extended family of faith.

If you are interested in considering adoption into this church family please contact me by e-mail or in person. If you are a seeker after the Lord please know that you are always welcome here without any pressure to join. We want you to feel at home and to participate in the life of the church to the extent that you feel comfortable.

I believe that the Lord provides every person with gifts for ministry. While I serve as the pastor of Turn of River Presbyterian Church I believe that every member serves as one of our ministers. If you are interested in discerning what your gifts for ministry might be, please feel free to contact me and we can explore those possibilities together. My e-mail address is j_k_mahan@sbcglobal.net.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. James K. Mahan
Rev. James K. Mahan